Keeping you Happy, Healthy and Pain Free

Overcome Anxiety, quit smoking, heal depression, eliminate stress and increase self confidence.

Welcome to Gold Coast Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Specialist

We have fast, easy solutions that work for anxiety, stopping smoking, weight loss, depression, sugar addiction, body pain, confidence, unexplained emotional issues, auto immune disease, phobias and fears, nail biting, PTSD, past life regression, relationship issues and more.

No matter what you suffer from, want to overcome or give up, we are here to help so please feel free to call or text John for a free no obligation consultancy to see if what we offer will help you.

”My session with John was amazing! What stood out for me was John’s facilitation of the process! I felt safe and had total trust in him. Why? because of his integrity and wholehearted intention to enable a positive outcome for me. The results are still flowing!”

Dr Kerry Baxter

What We Do

Our mission at Gold Coast Hypnotherapy is to help you maintain a high quality of life by keeping you happy, healthy and pain free.

John is very proud and blessed to be an ambassador of QHHT in Australia and loves coaching and helping other Qhht practitioners around the world. John plays a big role in the QHHT academy, a role he is very proud of.
Anxiety & Depression
It is estimated that 50% of men and woman suffer from anxiety and or depression in Australia. John at Gold Coast Hypnotherapy is a leading expert in anxiety and depression and has helped thousands of his clients to find a permanent solution.
Stop Smoking Therapy
Stop smoking / marijuana / gambling. Are you ready to quit your addiction? Think of how much money you will save every month/year when you do stop. What would you do with that money? Do you want to stop for health or family reasons?
Post Divorce Coaching
John has helped many divorced clients find themselves again and start creating lives that are better than ever with confidence and fun. Re-ignite the spark within you and find that confidence you once had.
Inner Child Healing
As a child if you were constantly criticised, hurt, made to feel guilty, abandoned, not heard or never good enough then it can lead to a life of internally not feeling good enough or worthy enough. This can be the most life changing experience of your life..
Weight Control
Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes?
Do you emotionally eat?
Or do you throw up after a meal?
Whatever your weight issue is we may have the solution you have been searching for.

Clinical and Spiritual Healing Hypnosis Therapies

Which one is best for you?

Clinical Hypnosis Therapies

If you want quick, easy results for one or two specific issues then why not give a clinical hypnosis session a try.

It has worked for millions around the world and we are sure that John will be able to help you too.

Your unconscious mind holds the key.
Unblock and free yourself. Clinical hypnosis gets spectacular results quickly and easily.

Spiritual Healing Hypnosis

Spiritual hypnosis is all about solving the mysteries of life.

Have you ever wondered that there must more to life or looked up to the sky and wondered how big is the universe and what might be out there?.

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of being here?

Have you ever experienced Déjà vu or had an experience you just can’t explain?

If you are open to discover the mysteries of life and the universe then please read more.