About John Mcluckie

We are very proud to be one of the only local hypnotherapists recommended by doctors and psychologists to help their patients overcome anxiety, depression or to quit smoking.

John is the owner of Gold Coast Hypnotherapy.

John has many clients including lawyers, surgeons, doctors, psychiatrists and all sessions are 100% confidential.

John lives and breaths hypnosis. John has studied for decades how the mind works and how powerful or destructive it can be. He understands the science behind human psychology, behaviour and the brain connections and how to change these patterns and behaviours very quickly and effortlessly at the unconscious level. John will help you change and enhance your life.

John graduated top of the class at the Australian hypnosis academy and is a very proud level 3 Qhht practitioner (John is one of only 2 males in the world to pass this elite qualification and the very first Australian resident in history to do so).

So ask yourself ‘what do I have to lose?’, If you feel like you would like to give hypnosis ago then please feel free to contact John.