What We Do at Gold Coast Hypnotherapy

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Anxiety & Depression Therapy

Feeling on-edge, tense, fatigued or even nauseas, John has helped thousands of people overcome anxiety and is considered an expert in the field. 50% of people suffer from anxiety and you don’t have to!
John is a very proud ambassador for Qhht in Australia.
One of only 2 males to pass the elite certification and now a coach for Qhht.
If you would love a pure Qhht session with a Level 3 ...
Ready To Quit Smoking / Vaping?
We are very proud to be one of the only local hypnotherapists recommended by doctors and psychologists to help their patients over come anxiety, depression or smoking.
Post Divorce Coaching
John has helped many divorced clients find themselves again and start creating lives that are better than ever with confidence and fun, "can you remember fun?"....
Fears & Phobia Help
Whatever your fears are they can be a terrible experience and even though the conscious mind knows logically you may not be harmed or hurt, the fear can just stop you in your tracks instantly....
Weight Loss Therapy
We believe that you are not your body but you have a body and that all change must begin in the mind, think about this, you have a knee but you are not your knee, you may have excess weight....
Life Coaching with John
John has helped many of his clients to achieve their dreams and goals, start a successful business, find their soul mate, create more time for your family or make alot more money.
Inner Child Healing
As a child if you were constantly criticised, hurt, made to feel guilty, abandoned, not heard or never good enough then it can lead to a life of internally not feeling good enough.
A Past Life Regression
Anyone, regardless of gender, religious affiliation or physical ability can do it. With help from John, who is one of the most qualified and experienced past life therapists in Australia...