Inner Child Healing

As a child if you were constantly criticised, hurt, made to feel guilty, abandoned, not heard or never good enough then it can lead to a life of internally not feeling good enough or worthy enough.

This can be the most life changing experience of your life! Feel free, confident, worthy and have more energy. 97% of who we become and the way we are in the world stem from the first 7 years of our lives.
Is that little girl or boy deep within still deeply scared and wounded from the past?

Our self-confidence, self-respect, destructive behaviours, even our relationships and financial problems all stem from our what we believe as a child. It could be just one simple traumatic experience such as public speaking at school or a whole childhood of abuse that is holding you back from the very things you want in life.

If you do want to feel free, confident, have more energy and worthy of whatever you set your mind to then contact John and make a booking now.