QHHT Sessions

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with John Mcluckie- Level 3 Certified QHHT Practitioner

If you love Dolores Cannon (the creator of QHHT) and would like to have a genuine QHHT session then please contact John and book in for an experience of a lifetime.

John is extremely proud to be the very first Australian resident to pass the elite Level 3 test. At the time only the 16th person to pass (out of 30,000 practitioners world-wide) and still only one of 2 males in the world to pass the certification.

John is very proud and blessed to be an ambassador of QHHT in Australia and loves coaching and helping other Qhht practitioners around the world. John plays a big role in the QHHT academy, a role he is very proud of.

If you would like to experience a genuine QHHT session or would like more information to find out about them, then please take the first step and Contact John.

Dolores Cannon’s career spans almost 47 years as a past life regression hypnotherapist, internationally renowned speaker and written 19 books. Dolores lectured all over the world and pioneered the groundbreaking healing technique known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) which has changed the lives of thousands of individuals for the better.

"In my work in the last few years, I have found more and more people are becoming aware of their true soul origins and their purpose for being alive at the present time. It appears that now is the time for it all to be revealed to them. It is time to be consciously aware.

Dolores Cannon, The Convoluted Universe vol. II.